Mapping and Needs Assessment of the Challenges Facing Returned Migrant Workers and their Families Impacted by the COVID-19 Outbreak – Bangladesh 

  • Mapping and needs assessment of migrant workers impacted by COVID-19. 
  • Development of strategy papers on how to rehabilitate and best support migrant workers in their recovery. 
  • Presented finding to various stakeholder primarily representatives from relevant ministries. 

Study on Barriers and Opportunities for Girls in Accessing Finance Through Digital Means – Bangladesh 

Qualitative research to understand adolescent girls’ access to digital financial services (DFS) and barriers they face in accessing DFS in order to provide stakeholders, including policymaker, with information to begin improving the state of affairs. 

UNCDF was Implementing a business model that combined the use of a digital platform with the training, skilling, and business development support to build women, business networks of digital financial services for UNCDF Bangladesh. 

  • Design and operationalization of an extended digital platform for relevant players of the micro-merchant ecosystem, focusing on women micro-merchants. 
  • Building a system for women to become micro-merchants with a reduced entry barrier. 

Integration of women micro-merchants to digital supply chain and payment system. 

Landscape Analysis of the Nutrition Market of Bangladesh – Bangladesh

  • Market Landscape Analysis of the Nutrition Market in Bangladesh
  • Identifying intervention areas and approaches to increase nutrition in packaged foods.

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