June 15, 2023
Bangladesh Needs a Policy Framework for a Growing Platform Economy
Shamarukh Alam, Researcher, Fairwork Bangladesh Ratings 2023; Senior Research Fellow, DataSense at iSocial Not even a decade has passed since the introduction of gig platforms in Bangladesh; however, the country has seen significant growth of the platform economy. While ride-hailing and delivery […]
May 31, 2023
DataSense – TBS Webinar on Industry-Academia Collaboration for Entrepreneurship Development: What’s Appropriate for Bangladesh?
Bangladesh is economically growing with salient enhancements in GDP and other economic indicators. Yet 4,43,000 candidates for 1,800 vacancies in government official jobs and 43,000 candidates for 70-100 job posts (BBS, 2018) shed light on the demand and supply imbalance […]
May 11, 2023
Speakers call for fairer labour practices in digital platform-based economy in Asia
Speakers at a seminar emphasized the importance of promoting fair labour practices in the digital platform-based economy across Asia. As a more equitable economic platform, they noted that digital platforms will enhance connectivity among Asian countries. The speakers made the […]