Niloy Sarkar

Research Intern

Niloy Sarkar is a research enthusiast with interests in fields of Social Justice, Climate Change, green criminology etc. At DataSense currently he is working on projects related to LDC graduation and Climate Change Migrants. Previously he has worked on issues related to victims rights, Power Abuse and Criminal investigation by Dhaka Metropolitan Police. Having graduated from the Department of Criminology at University of Dhaka has given him a wide  perspective on looking at realities surrounding today’s world from different perspectives. Thus, he has had the opportunity to work with victims of crime and injustice and the various stakeholders of human rights and justice.  

Driven by the quest to make the world a safer and better place for all, especially the marginalized and vulnerable, he is working as an Intern at DataSense where he is equipped and empowered to conduct data driven research using accurate and sophisticated research tools needed for the endeavor. 

Besides these he has a strong enthusiasm for writing on social issues, sports analytics and fictional literature. He seeks to bring change and development in the society  by empowering the people with the power of knowledge backed up by scientific findings.   

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