Mubassira T. Hossain

Research & Comm. Officer

Mubassira Tabassum Hossain is a dynamic and passionate professional, currently serving as
the Research and Communication Officer at DataSense.
Mubassira’s academic journey has been marked by a drive to make a difference. She achieved
her Bachelor’s degree in Social Science with a focus on International Relations, gaining insights
into global affairs and intercultural dynamics. Building on this foundation, she pursued her
Masters in Development Studies from Bangladesh University of Professionals, equipping herself
with the tools to address socio-economic challenges and promote sustainable progress.
Mubassira believes that effective communication is key to conveying ideas, inspiring change,
and achieving impactful results. Her dedication to the field extends beyond theoretical
knowledge as she actively engages in producing communication tools that facilitate planning
and organizing campaigns. Through her strategic and creative approach, she aims to empower
individuals and organizations to make a positive difference in their communities.
As she continues to grow and evolve in her career, Mubassira remains committed to driving
positive change and using her communication expertise to shape a better, more inclusive world.

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