Khairun Ferdous

Research Intern

Khairun Ferdous is a dedicated and enthusiastic individual with a passion for social science and data-driven research. She completed her Bachelor in Public Administration from Jagannath University. During her academic journey, she actively engaged in various co-curricular activities and social work, demonstrating her dynamic and socially conscious nature.

With a diverse range of experiences under her belt, she fearlessly takes on challenges and emerges triumphant. From volunteering to spearheading surveys and research, she navigates each endeavor with poise and precision.

Her passion for community development and social impact led her to volunteer at Project Pothchola, where she actively contributed to the planning and execution of community-based initiatives. Moreover, she gained valuable experience as a Data Enumerator in various projects. Her dedication to research and data-driven projects landed her a position as a Research Intern at DataSense, iSocial Limited.

With a strong academic background, hands-on experience in data collection, and a genuine dedication to making a positive impact on society, she aspires to play a pivotal role in driving meaningful change through her work.