March 29, 2022
Conventions and Other Legal Frameworks in Labour Migrant Destination Countries
The following chart outlines the regulatory frameworks governing the working conditions in some of the most common destination countries for Bangladeshi labour migrants. It shows the migrant friendliness of the regulatory approach that these country takes. This chart can be […]
October 19, 2021
With hopes of return fading, migrants are slipping into debt trap: Study
“About 85% of the returnee migrants expressed their need for loans to either rehabilitate or to go abroad” Shahin Alam has a work permit in Malaysia and his employer is asking him to return to work. But he doubts he […]
October 19, 2021
Family limits girls’ access to digital financial services: TBS-DataSense study
We are pleased to share the feature on “Family limits girls’ access to digital financial services,” which has been published on today’s The Business Standard. This is the second episode of the DataSense-TBS series. Women are still lagging behind when […]